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Why Should We Care About Bible Prophecy?

For many people, Bible prophecy is not better understood than it seems by Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty. It's like the definition of eschatology (the study of future things) given by a confused student who wrote: "It is the study of escheats" You can get bible statistics online at

Bible prophecy fans do not seem to help the clarity of this study as they are all over the map with "understanding" of the problem. They also do not help people to take biblical prophecy seriously because of some embarrassing predictions that have been implemented in recent years.

How do we know that? A quarter of God's written communication to us-the Bible-deals with the future. Obviously, a large amount of material God has given to us about the importance of future releases.

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But there is also another important reason why Christians should strive to understand Bible prophecy. For example, 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-2 shows that the understanding of the prophetic strength and stability in the life of a Christian.

Future which will inevitably result in uncertainty and instability in our lives now; However, the future is certain, that the understanding of Bible prophecy can produce, will give the Christian faith and strength in the face of the future. 

Of course, the certainty and stability in our lives begin to figure out where we will spend eternity. Fortunately, Jesus clearly presents how to know for sure you will be with the Lord forever