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So Many Cranes – So Many Uses!

A crane can be defined as a high-performance machine equipped with a hanging rope or cable that can be used to lift and lower objects that cannot be carried by hand. You can browse this site to get various types of cranes.

There is worldwide demand for towing and transportation equipment for heavy materials and the various types of cranes available is further evidence that it is the main engine used for various industrial activities such as construction, maintenance, oil production, engine production and others.

Crane type

Mobile cranes are very important for the construction industry and are manufactured in various configurations. Here are a few examples.

    Truck Mounted – The name describes the type because the boom is mounted on a truck trailer to move cranes from one location to another. No special transportation is needed because it can move easily on any main road.

    Chain mechanism – The boom is mounted on a chassis with wheels or a series of chains for stability and mobility. Very stable and can move easily in any work area with heavy loads. When transported by car, the engine must be disassembled because of its weight.

    All-terrain – This vehicle is ideal for off-road and industrial construction. It can drive on public roads without restrictions and can be configured to load up to 1,200 tons. It is very reliable at every location and is equipped with safety devices such as automatic load outages, warning signals and step-off shutdowns.