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Make Offshore Structures With Copper-Nickel Alloys

Provided that the determined resistance to biofouling and corrosion provided by the copper-nickel alloy CU90 / NI10, it is assumed that this will be an ideal material for coating the leg.

Particularly if proper care is used to avoid the loss of resistance to fouling due to cathodic protection in the event of connection to adjacent steel. You can also buy nickel alloys from companies like for extreme work environments. 

Oil drilling platforms are very expensive structures that need a lot of review and maintenance if they are located in a protected mode. Basically, it was not expected that the contamination would be a serious problem and some precautions were taken for protection. 

But the two issues became evident. However, platforms are usually constant, there may be a significant tidal flow of water in front of them and it can greatly increase in the stormy weather.

 In specific water contamination was noticed to be very large, especially around the tide starting area and can increase drag enough to influence the firmness of the platform.

The heartbeat of the wind and the sea on the major product platforms alternating stress can cause structural damage and so it is important to maintain regular control program legs, bracing struts and nodes that connect them. 

Just after fouling was scrapped inspection may result in large corrosion or cracks conducted.

The traditional antifouling coatings can be implemented during manufacture, but they have a limited duration which is only about 18 months. 

After that, they can not be restored by traditional methods of dry docking. regularly repainting the accessible reception area can keep the upper components of the platform legs are not always fruitful.