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How Can You Stop Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment comes in two forms that involve a supervisor asking a subordinate for sexual favours in exchange for work benefits or a supervisor threatening the loss of work benefits. Work benefits can be a promotion, a better job task, time offs, longer breaks, better pay or benefits of related work. Hostile work environment involves any gender-based unwelcome behaviour.

Hostile Work Environment Harassment could be perpetrated by a co-worker or manager. An example of this type of harassment would be unwelcome dirty jokes or pictures posted by email or sexually inappropriate talk. The best way to stop this is to conduct proper sexual harassment training in the workplace to make your employees aware of the bad behaviours and its consequences.

In most cases, this is enough to stop the behaviour. In the case of Workplace Harassment Hostile Environment, many times perpetrators do not even know that they offend the victims. Once they know that their behaviour was unwanted they will stop the behaviour.

However, this does not always happen, and steps may need to be taken more seriously. If the behaviour continues after the warning, the next step is to inform the supervisor or to directly contact human resources.