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Do I have to buy an iPad for work?

The iPad is a really powerful computing device, but it doesn't add value to any work environment. This is a powerful business tool that will depend on your unique role and work style. You can get wholesale iPads for business if you look for them, at the right place.

Should You Buy an iPad?

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Read through these decision factors and decide if the iPad is right for you.

1. It is difficult to print the same material for every client meeting.

»Many retailers waste valuable time printing fresh ingredients every time they visit a customer. With the iPad you can step away from paper and share documents on the "virtual" iPad page.

2. I have clients who prefer electronic documents / PDFs over paper copies.

»Your customers can dispose of all their printed materials after each meeting or be ready to send your materials where they can find them electronically. Plus, you can use iPad to send documents to meetings directly via email.

3. I often leave the office and still don't have a working laptop.

»If you sit at a desk all day, the iPad has a limited number of useful scenarios. People who meet frequently face-to-face will benefit most from the presentation, email, and reference features on iPad. If you have a laptop and write emails and documents on the go, nothing beats a laptop with a fully functional keyboard and operating system.