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Different Types of Garage Conversions

Most people tend to think about a garage conversion as changing a garage into a wide space but how to add a room above the garage? Read on and find out what is involved. Know more ideas about adu & garage conversions  on your figure tips.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

It is, however requires the approval of the Building Regulations for areas such as roof insulation, wall new garage to replace the garage door, which will require foundations and new walls and windows that were under building regulations.

Other areas such as the thickness of the wall, opening the house to the main structural, electrical, floor insulation may be under the building regulations also depend on the circumstances.

Adding an extra Floor

The conversion type is also increasingly popular with more and more homeowners to build their garage to create another room. This is called the conversion but in reality, it is an extension.

While the old basis for the garage may also have been sufficient for sub-standard building a new building will be over 2 floors which will be heavier so that the foundation may be increased or maybe supported on one floor.

Garage Conversion Design Guide

Perhaps the biggest mistake is to use different bricks with the main house. After the selection window. Just think about it for a minute, if the main house clear window wood casement window why you would want to install a fake.

It may sound crazy but people do it all the time so always remember to try and make as much as possible like a garage conversion main building.