Few Splendid DIY Canvas Art Ideas For Your Home Decor

If we plan to décor our house with canvas painting, it is a very expensive idea.

Canvas art is quite rare these days, not many people do so, but it has lot of value, due to which each painting costs a lot.

This article is not to discourage you from decorating your home walls with canvas art,  it is to encourage you to try canvas painting all by yourself – DIY or do-It-Yourself.

Below in the article, we have mentioned few of the simple, easy but exclusive DIY canvas painting ideas just for you. We have collected these canvas art ideas from http://www.decorativedecor.com.au/.

So…Go through all of them and pick few that you find really interesting:

Abstract Quote Canvas:

• To do this canvas art, you need to find a quote that speaks to you and stencil the letters on the pieces of tape. Write the letters on to your canvas.
• Select a combination of paint colors and paint them on the canvas in large strokes.
• When you remove the tape, you’ll end up with a beautiful canvas that inspires you with its message.

Splash Art:

• IN this art form, cover the canvas with one solid color paint, and then splash vibrant colors across the surface.
• Make this DIY project in outdoors to safeguard that the paint doesn’t spatter on anything valuable in your home.
• This is a large canvas art form; you must pick a big sized canvas to paint it.

Pixel Painting:

• At first, design a pixelated pattern with a grid of different colors that are of same hue.
• Draw equal-sized quadrangles across the surface of your canvas, and then paint each square a marginally in a different tone.
• Later you can hang your professional looking painting in your living room, bedroom or office.
• Do click on this link to get through more ideas of canvas painting.

Gold Chevron Painting:

• Reinvent this professional-looking oeuvre with painters’ tape and acrylic paint.
• Create your chevron design with metallic paints or pick a rich color like navy or hunter green.