Some Of The Best Blog Sites

Well according to wpbeginner, we have some of the best platforms out there that are best for bloggers and its beginners. We have WordPress, for one thing, and we have Blogger. And could you believe it? Tumblr also made it in there. Tumblr, the site that al trashy people like to complain and make funny conversations and talk passionately about the dumbest things and all fandoms known to man. Yes, folks, Tumblr is one of the best blog sites.

We could not even tell you how much fun we have when we sometimes go to Tumblr. Some of the conversations we see there are just hilarious. There was this one where this guy or girl posted about how much they hate blueberries. Because it is BLUEberries, hence they are colored blue, right?

But when you mash them they turn PURPLE. And when you skin them and you see that the insides are GREEN. And the best thing about the people of this site is that they make you see sense and make you realize the random things in life just do not make sense. Like the blueberries. We do not know about you but that is funny to us.

And then do not even get us started on all the puns and jokes we see there, where people get mad and tell them to stop but the responses to the complaint would just be more puns. Now we understand why this site is one of the best sites for blogging now. It is one of the best places to just let loose and get into a lot of things.

Whether that would be art or anime, or maybe you are a fan of stars then that place also has a lot of groups that can help you get along with everyone. And for the sad people, well, they kind of convene on this site too. And they have a lot of people that will help them and support them unlike the people in real life.

A lot of people get to work there too, because of the art commissions they do them and for requests. Since this site is basically the dumpsite for all of us in fandoms and is equally called trash. They tend to go overboard in this one. And that could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Because while you get to throw all your frustrations and guilty pleasures here without anyone judging you, you would also have this tendency to talk like them in real life if you spent too much time in there. And your bad habits when entering a fandom filled with a lot of people will get worse.

Trust us when we say we know what we are doing. Because we have seen it beforehand and have experienced relapses firsthand too. Should we tell you about that one post about cultists in Russia six hundred sixty six people?

And that all the responses there were just people criticizing the amount of effort done by the cultists themselves? One even commented that they should have just killed three people and stabbed them six times each to get the 666 number.