Leadpages V/s ClickFunnels: Which Is Better For Your Client Lead?

Why do you need a landing page for your website? Well, your answer could be anything depending upon how you attract your customers to your brand. To generate maximum traffic to your website you might be using various tools, but are you sure they help you out? In the competitive market, you should be using the latest tools that help your business to be up-to-date.

Today, most of the companies using Leadpages or Clickfunnels. Both of them are used to generate high traffic to your website and let people know about your company. In the marketing world, nothing comes with “one size fits all”. You have to make a flexible strategy that could be changed according to the circumstances.  

In this article, we will guide you with the feature of both the latest tools i.e.leadpages vs clickfunnels available so that you can easily choose what you would require according to your needs.

What is click funnels
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What is ClickFunnel?

A ClickFunnel is marketing software that helps you to create conversion-optimized pages so that you can use it into your sales funnels.

Features of Click Funnels

  • You can easily host your landing page on ClickFunnels
  • You get a  custom domain
  • ClickFunnel have WordPress Plugin  to show funnel pages on your blog
  • You can be easily sharable.
  • It nurtures leads with the built-in email autoresponder that can guide you further down the funnel.
  • It helps you to group your email subscribers based on demographics, behaviour and various other categories in order to increase conversion rates.

Now let’s move on to LeadPages.

What is Leadpages
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What is Leadpage?

For a marketer, the lead page is a landing page builder. This tool is used to create optimised sales pages where you collect and then manage contacts for your business efforts.

Features of Leadpage

  • You can customise drag and drop option according to your need
  • Leadpage have tons of pages that are pre-built and pre-designed that you can simply swap out some text and images for your website.
  • Pop-ups are proven methods to capture leads that are easy to use in Leadpages.
  • Leadpage will collect lead data and send the information to your inbox.  
  • Leadpage gives you the option to offer SMS signup

Both tools are great for converting leads. The right choice for you will depend on what you need from a marketing tool. Check out here to know various landing page builders i.e. used to create helpful for guiding to your conversion goal.