How to Sell Your Rolex Watch Online

A Rolex watch is a highly valuable asset and there are many ways to sell it. If you’re wondering ‘should I sell my Rolex watch to a jeweler or a pawn shop’, the internet is a better option. Here are some of the many ways in which a Rolex watch can be sold via the World Wide Web:

A website that issues quotes

It is very easy to sell a Rolex watch to a website that issues quotes, largely because information can be entered onto an inquiry form whenever its owner wants to. As many such websites are smartphone-enabled, it can even be done in the middle of the night. Such information that has to be provided about a Rolex watch includes if its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity and an original box. By putting a Rolex watch into a valuation pack which is heavily insured, it will then be assessed and a quote will be issued by phone or email. It also means that if a Rolex watch is damaged in transit, its owner will be reimbursed. The owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t have to accept a quote because it can be rejected. If a quote isn’t accepted, a Rolex watch will be returned. However, money is transferred quickly into a bank account within hours after a quote has been accepted.


Another convenient option, a Rolex watch can also be sold on eBay and Amazon. By setting a Reserve Price, a Rolex watch won’t be sold for less than its owner expected. As a listing can be created whenever someone wants to, a Rolex watch can even be sold in the middle of the night, such as when a ‘buy it now’ price is paid. When a Rolex watch is sold on eBay or Amazon, take several photos of it. Along with its bracelet and serial number, photographs of its casing can also feature. When a listing on an internet auction site has many photos, potential buyers can take a closer look at a Rolex watch before deciding if it should be bought. By choosing to sell a Rolex watch on eBay, a small fee of no more than 3.4% plus 20p will have to be paid. However, as money is transferred securely when PayPal is used, this fee is worth paying. You can browse to get more information about it.

Classified advertisement websites

When wondering ‘should I sell my Rolex watch’ online, consider such websites as Craigslist and Gumtree. Unlike what happens with eBay or Amazon, fees don’t have to be paid when items are sold on Craigslist or Gumtree. For those who choose to sell Rolex watch or watches that have been pre-owned, a lot of information can be on a listing, such as its serial number and if a Certificate of Authenticity can be provided. Photographs can also be uploaded but there are limitations regarding how many are allowed on a listing. As a listing for a Rolex watch can be created very quickly, it could be sold moments after, such as if the agreed price is paid for via PayPal.