How to Get Ahead in Procurement?


If you are in the procurement profession and want to get ahead, there are other professions that you can move into. However, you need to be excellent at your job, and only then, you can think about moving up to another profession. Here are some professions you can think about moving up to.

Supply Chain Manager – The supply chain manager is responsible for the supply chain. Right from when the raw materials arrive at the point where they are made into a finished product and supplied to the customer, the supply chain manager is the person in charge. This is a person who is responsible for many things. It can be considered as a high-pressure job, but the pay is in tune with the responsibility. Procurement personnel work closely with supply chain managers and hence, they know about the profession. Therefore, this is a good profession for them to consider. They can also learn about it on the job.  

Contact Manager – Now, this is quite a high profile profession, and any procurement personnel wanting to get into it will have to get additional qualifications as well. Contract managers are the people in charge of ensuring that all tasks and terms and conditions stated in a contract are fulfilled. This is again quite a high-pressure job and requires a lot of expertise. However, the payout for this profession is also quite good.

Therefore, if you are interested in the above-mentioned professions, do some sustainable procurement training and when the time is right, think about moving to the above-mentioned professions.