Some Cheap 12V Cummin Performance Parts

Cummin engine is one of the most popular diesel engines due to its higher durability. The best part of using this cummin engine is that it comes with the replaceable parts and can be easily modified.

If you are looking for a modification of your cummin engine then you should visit this site  Any sort of modification in your cummin engine will increase the horsepower and the torque.

12V Cummin Engine

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Below mentioned are some cheap performance part for the cummin engine:

VE pump fuel screw:  There are two types of  fuel screws available on the cummin engine:

  • Low Boost Fuel Screw: It controls the flow of fuel when turbocharger boost is low and it is located at the top of the engine pump. The fine adjustment will leads to the improvement of the throttle response.
  • Full Load Fuel screw: It controls the flow of fuel when turbocharger boost is high.

VE Power Pin: The safest way to increase the fueling characteristics is to upgrade the power pin. These power pin will help to increase the horsepower, torque and will broaden the power band of cummin engine.  

Engine Exhaust

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Governor Spring: The governor spring ranging from 3200 rpm to 4200 rpm are majorly used in cummin engine to keep the flow of fuel constant. These governor springs are one the most popular 12 valve cummin engine performance parts.  

Delivery Valves: These Delivery valves work as check valves for every fuel pipe coming out from the pump. The modification of these delivery valves will increase the engine performance and improves the throttle response.

Delivery Valves

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Fuel Plate: This fuel plate is located inside the P1700 injection pump of the engine and used to regulate the flow of fuel. After the modification of these fuel plates increase the flow of fuel in injection pump and it also increases the horsepower and torque of the cummin engine.