Basic Guide For Horse Back Riding Polo Lessons

Also known as the the game of kings. A sport that combines teamwork, thrill, technique, and genuine swordsmanship. Being played at the maximum players condition for both the rider and the horse. Basic guides for horseback riding polo lessons in NJ should be taken seriously, for those who wants to learn the play.

Polo is a sport that needs a good cooperation between the rider and the horse. It provides adrenaline and excitement that cannot be compared to other team sports. You may realize that you are slowly being drawn to challenges and speed that this kind of sports offers.

Many people think that in able to enjoy the sport you must have a riding experience. A lot of new players who wants to learn the game do not have any experience at all, some have a few encounter with horses. During the training you will be taught how to mount on a pony and try polo simultaneously.

You need to be comfortable while you are mounting the horse backward Try to wear comfortable shirts, jeans, as well as boots. For safety precaution, participants are required to wear helmet, do not worry some training camps provides helmet for their participants.

After preparations are done, the lesson will commence. First thing you need to know is the history of the sports itself, they will teach the basic hitting and receiving the ball. Also, a summary of the rules and regulation of the play and some fundamentals on horseback riding are part of it.

Some basic things that riders need to know is how to swing the mallet and, proper grip on the hammer, these are an important factors on the sport. In order to have a great swing over the mallet, player should starts on fundamentals. Holding the mallet incorrectly will result to poor swings.

Another thing that is necessary for trainees to learn are the key equipments used in the sport. Some basic equipments are the mallet, usually made of bamboo or plastic shaft. Knee guard needed for knee protection, and reins to enhance the control over the pony.

Polo saddles which is different from jumping saddles that has extra pads. A breast plate to stop the saddle from declining backwards. And, bridles a series of leather strings and supports, it gives the player stopping and starring control.

Polo ponies is the term used for horses used in this sport. It is carefully selected base on different criteria such as stamina, quick bursts of speed, maneuverability, and agility. Each player must have two or three horses during the play, so the tired mount can be change with a new one.

The game is not as dangerous as it looks like. The sports might seems chaotic and harmful to persons, but if the trainees are well taught and trained the risk will go down. A lot of rules and regulations are made to ensure the horse and the riders safety at all times.

The thing that makes this type of play interesting is that you can enjoy it at a hundred percent. There is no need for you to be very good at this sports, the thrill and excitement will get to you once you are in the field. You can play it as much as you want even if, you are still on the learning process.