A Guide On The Effective Utilization Of Identity Access Management System

With new advancements, requirements also keeps on increasing, enterprises are forced to deploy new applications, irrespective of whether they are compatible with each other.

IAM or identity access management systems and solutions enable companies with the ability to provide security cover for applications and resources and provide accessibility to select users/customers.

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Identity and access management systems follow a three stage approach of authentication, authorization and user management.

IT & Information Management efficiency

  • Streamlines the efforts required to keep the Identity data consistent and up to date.
  • Reduces overall effort of IT administration.
  • Secure identity and access management system offer Leverage to the existing infrastructure to reduce unnecessary replication of information across various sites.
  • Caters to compliance with industry regulations as well.

Application Development Agility

  • Improves business competitiveness by helping organizations build new services and expose existing applications more quickly.
  • Accelerates application development cycles through reusable integration and security components.

User Experience, Productivity and Empowerment

  • Simplifies user sign-on across various applications and overall IT management in large organizations.
  • Enhances personalization of content and delivery of services through self-service processes.

Accountability & User Privacy

  • Maintains user privacy and sets up control panels for monitoring information security.
  • This system helps in establishing common grounds for business and technology standards, trust and non-repudiation amongst business partners of the company, thereby helping identify accountability.

Achieving ROI & Brand Value

  • Minimizes the productivity time lag incurred when new employees are brought onboard and provide them with specific resources in order to perform their jobs.
  • Reduces time and possessions obligatory to manage user IDs passwords and at the helpdesk for safety admission issues.
  • Provides phased approach for giving access controls so that companies can identify loopholes in control points.
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  • Eliminates or reduces the possibility of a major breach of security due to insufficient user access controls.
  • Enhances business value by improving security.