2 Major Types Of Marijuana Plant Strain

In various states of the USA, the use of marijuana is permitted for medicinal purposes. This is because it has medicinal properties that help patients suffering from cancer, migraine, glaucoma, etc. It also alleviates the pain which is clearly a boon for individuals undergoing various diseases.

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Medicinal marijuana can be used after you get a license from a certified doctor. After the formalities, you can then buy marijuana plants from an online dispensary selling cannabis plants, seeds or clones.

But before purchasing any sort of cannabis from the nursery you need to check reviews. This helps in getting to know whether the store sells real cannabis or not.

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Listed below is the brief detail about the types of cannabis plants:

  • Sativa – It is the most used type of marijuana plant strain. It grows relatively large and its leaves are long, fine, narrow. Due to its propensity to grow tall, these are ideal for outdoor growing.

    It is well known for the high ratio of THC to CBN the two primary active ingredient in cannabis. It is beneficial to combat the symptoms of conditions such as depression, ADD, fatigue, mood disorders.
  • Indica – It is a much more solid strain in comparison to Sativa. This is why the best clones in LA are of indica strain. It usually grows between the height of 3 to 6 feet tall. It is basically a bushy plant with round healthy leaves, not like Sativa.

    As it is a short plant, it is perfect for indoor growing. It has various healing traits, and helps with insomnia, lightens pain, induces relaxation of muscles, muscle tremors, calms angst, headache, and migraine relief.
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To understand the marijuana or cannabis more you may navigate this site. It is basically a guide which has all the terms related to marijuana and their meaning. It helps in buying the right form of marijuana according to your requirements.